Programs For Teenagers

There are lots of different types of programs for teenagers. But when a client finally comes to me, it usually means that their child is struggling with a variety of issues. It could be school phobia, it could be emotional or behavioural problems, it could be academic issues that have escalated to acting up in class, it could be problems with adoption or substance abuse or anxiety/ depression, or it could simply be that their child is not thriving but merely limping along through life. The one factor that all my families have in common is that they are at a loss as to what to do. Looking on the internet for programs for teenagers can feel too extreme. Some parents are afraid that if they do find a placement for their child that they will do irreparable damage to an already rocky relationship.

I often say to a parent that they don’t have to wait until things are so out of control at home that they are in a state of panic. Parents may fear this type of placement because they do not want to have their child in any programs for teenagers where they feel as though there are “bad” kids. Of course, there are programs for teenagers where kids are court ordered but I routinely do not work with that population. I work with families where they never thought that they would be looking on the internet searching for programs for teenagers.

As an educational/therapeutic consultant dealing exclusively with challenging and struggling adolescents and young adults, parents are often ashamed that they have had to resort to one of these special programs for teenagers. They may feel isolated and as though they are the only family with this problem. Most of my families are loving, kind people who just want the best for their children and yet they find themselves in unfamiliar territory. There are many good programs for teenagers and I am here to help guide you along a safe path for your child and your family.