Programs for Teenagers

When parents realize that their adolescent child is going down a path that is not what they had hoped for, they start to look around for programs for teenagers.  With so many programs for teenagers available now, it is often confusing and sometimes overwhelming to choose one from the other.  Each site that you may land on, seems to have the profile of your child down pat and appears to give you all the answers that had been so illusive up until now.  The pictures are of happy teens, enjoying their experiences at the programs and the sun is invariably shinning with the expectation that healing is taking place.  Unfortunately, as a parent you are unaware of whether this joyous picture is really the authentic picture.

As with any other field, programs for teenagers come in many different varieties.  There are programs for teenagers which are geared primarily towards substance abuse. These programs will make up the majority of the options on the net. But when a family has an adolescent who is struggling with depression/anxiety or school phobia, the programs for teenagers take on a completely different feel. As a parent you my not know what to look for.

I spend about a third of my time, traveling around the country, visiting and evaluating programs for teenagers as well as programs for young adults.  The more programs for teenagers that I see, the less I often want to use.  After visiting in excess of  1000, it soon becomes clear to me, which programs for teenagers would I feel comfortable using for my own child and which programs for teenagers would I be reluctant to use.  It is that very expertise that I offer to families who find themselves frightened by the unknown of therapeutic programs.

I look forward to helping you sort through the plethora of programs for teenagers available and to work with you as a partner during a very emotional and confusing time in your adolescent’s as well as your life.