Residential Treatment Centers

RTCs or residential treatment centers are an option for kids who struggle with fitting into a more normalized, traditional school setting due to emotional disregulation and behavioral problems. Many parents are unaware that there is even such a level of therapeutic help as a residential treatment center, but there are many types of programs available; residential treatment centers simply being one of them.

In the world of therapeutic treatment for struggling youth and young adults, there is a hierarchy of care, the residential treatment center being somewhat in the middle. Years ago, therapeutic boarding schools were the first line of defense for a kid who was struggling. As the acuity of the profiles of struggling youth has increased, there are fewer and few therapeutic boarding schools and more and more residential treatment centers, which are better equipped to address more complex psychiatric clients. For a client in need of even more intervention, a psychiatric hospital would be the next level of care, which is an even higher level of care.

The world of therapeutic placements has evolved dramatically over the years and there are more and more options available for parents and their struggling children. If you and your family have been struggling with a child who somehow does not fit in due to emotional or behavioral problems, a residential treatment center may be a lifeline of help for your child. Since 1997, I have been traveling around the country visiting therapeutic facilities including an increasing number of residential treatment centers and I would be honored to work with your family to familiarize you with the options that may be available to help you and your child.