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Welcome to the Alternatives for Teens Blog. Look for our first posts soon.

Does My Child Need a Therapeutic Boarding School

This is the single most asked question that my clients first ask?  “My child is doing ok in school, so they must not need a placement? I don’t want my kid with bad kids.”

First of all, I don’t place “bad kids,” just kids that are struggling to navigate the traditional world appropriately. My usual client is a bright student, who finds their world contracting, rather than expanding.  They may be suffering from anxiety/depression but bright enough to hide it from their parents by keeping their grades good enough.  That bright B student may actually be more at risk than the student who is tanking in school.  Your bright B student may be overcompensating by self medicating or inappropriate weekend behavior, but without that dreaded note home from the teacher, you may never suspect.

If something just doesn’t feel right to you, don’t be afraid to approach it with your child.  Remember, it is not about how comfortable you are; it is about being a parent to your child when they need it the most.

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